At the Top of the Rickety Stairway…

by Steve Bolton

…………As expected, I’ve run into quite a few obstacles while trying to deploy and debug my first plug-in algorithm. I’ve finally emerged from “DLL Hell” and have successfully deployed the first algorithm I’ll be using in this tutorial, but still have fatal errors lurking somewhere in the AlgorithmMetadataBase class which are preventing it from loading at server startup. These types of bugs are apparently quite difficult to pin down, since they occur before a debugger can be attached. As soon as I find a way through this conundrum, I’ll finish this series on plug-in algorithms with blog posts introducing the object model, discussing common “gotchas” like this in the deployment process and covering advanced functionality like feature selection and customer parameters. I want to make sure the plug-in I wrote actually works in practice before resuming this mistutorial series, so I may not be able to finish the series until sometime in August. Stay tuned though – barring unforeseen circumstances (I don’t want to jinx myself) it will get finished. I’ve climbed so far up this rickety stairway that I’m not going to let the locked attic I’ve found at the top deter me indefinitely from finishing the series. The last installments will be on writing custom data mining viewers for SQL Server Data Mining (SSDM), which should be a simpler matter.


About Stevan Bolton

I am a VB programmer and SQL Server DBA with an interest in MDX and multidimensional applications. I have an alphabet's soup of certifications: * 3 MCTS certifications in SQL Server 2008 R2, including a recent exam in MDX and Analysis Services * an MCDBA in SQL Server 2000 * an MCSD in VB6. I've kept up with each version of VB since then but haven't taken the newer exams * I also have a Master's in American history with a concentration in foreign affairs, as well as some work towards a doctorate in Latin American history * My B.S. is in print journalism I'll be posting whatever code I can to help out the SQL Server and VB developer communities. There is always someone out there more knowledgeable, so if you're a guru, feel free to correct any information I might post. I haven't yet been paid professionally to work with some of the technologies I've been trained in and enjoy, like MDX, so the word of those who have ought to carry more weight. There's a shortage of information on some of the topics I'll be posting on, such as the arcane error messages in Analysis Services (SSAS), so users might still find some value in my posts. If you learn of any job openings for MDX, SSAS, SQL Server and VB, feel free to E-mail me.

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